Career Match, book by Shoya Zichy with Ann Bidou.


What is the secret to a truly satisfying and fulfulling professional life?

This lovely piece of ingeniousness by the popular and infleuntial career coach, Shoya Zichy, helps discover and expose the best fit for ones interests, skills and core strength. It could be a for a job search, selection of course of study, switching careers etc.

Personally, I find this book practical-filled. The fun actually begins in Chapter 2 where we are introduced to Shoya’s award-winning Colour Q Personality System/Model. The model features a profiling system. Each person is assigned a primary personality colour, this tends to be our core selves. Then a backup colour which indicates a strong secondary influence. And finally, an introverted or extroverted tendency which each of us align to. Cool, right?

Preceeding the above classification is a 10-minute or less self-assessment which will reveal all three aspects of personality and places you in one of 16 personality groups. I won’t tell you where I fall. But I’ll ask for yours!
For most Partakers, the results are unravelling and spatially accurate. thereby highlighting your strength, weaknesses, attractive prospects and tips. Its like are really less animated shrink. Why isn’t this system on an app yet? I mean!

An exclusive bonus in this edition is the inclusion of scores of career options (super cool and less-cliche ones). By piecing together who you are and what you know about yourself with what you’re meant to do.
This is basically an insightful guide on decision making as regards profession. It sure does not tell you what to do or change, it just amplifies the clarity needed to make confident decisions that would make you not go wrong on the booming question, WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?


review by Abdulazeez Ibrahim.

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